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Editorial Desk

Dan Wood
Chief Editor
After a decade-long career working in humanitarian emergencies and development projects across Asia and Africa, Daniel found a belated, but deep interest in decentralized technologies. When he isn't busy writing his epic autobiography, Daniel works with blockchain startups and people in low places, specializing in grass-roots community insight and human interest stories.

Writing Desk

Eddie Mitchell
Staff Writer
Based in London, England, he works primarily as a copywriter within the Blockchain PR industry; he also works as a journalist, podcaster, content creator and skateboarding instructor. Eddie rode the first Bitcoin boom in 2012/13 and has been hooked ever since.
Maximus Green
Staff Writer
A Cyber Security and Blockchain enthusiast, providing an unbiased view of the decentralization and blockchain revolution.
Lauren Imbrock
Staff Writer
Lauren Imbrock is an alumnus of Whitman College with a degree in Studio Art. She has been a staff writer for Khmerican and contributed to The International Examiner. Her mission is documenting underrepresented people and histories with a deep interest in the AAPI diaspora. She has a new-found interest in all things “crypto.”
Amelia Trapp
Staff Writer
London based writer Amelia has a keen interest in the political and legal framework encompassing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. She works to promote these fields in achieving their full potential by bringing them into the mainstream discussion.
George Krash
Staff Writer
George is a cryptocurrency fan and freelance content creator since 2014. He's worked on several prominent crypto-centric projects and has a lot of experience in the space. He's currently studying as a Business Administration undergraduate in Greece. He has a deep understanding of crypto's underlying tech; coupled with experience from his study field, he likes to explore topics cryptocurrency and fintech related topics thoroughly.
Ben Garett
Staff Writer
Ben Garrett works as a Software Solutions Engineer and is training to become a Full Stack Developer. He has a general interest in technology, building specialist rig’s and has followed Bitcoin since 2013. His most recent interests include mining cryptocurrencies and the real world applications for blockchain technology.
Staff Writer

Saloma was a self-taught artist and stringer for a local town newspaper for over 10 years before consulting for a think tank for 5 years. Now on a professional sabbatical, she writes political activist material in the Malay language.

A strong believer in freedom, Saloma advocates for the censorship-free ideologies of Bitcoin, and loves spending it and giving it away. It is the only crypto she has ever owned and the only reason she connects to the Internet.

Talha Dar
Staff Writer

Talha holds a Master’s of Engineering. He is a thorough fan of the decentralization philosophy that blockchain promotes. He believes that the free market and borderless economy are our future and will help save our planet from the threat of monopolization of industries and financial power. This is what lured him towards Bitcoin and related industries. Apart from blogging and Bitcoin, his primary interests include hiking, cleaning up national parks and skiing.

Muskan Bagrecha
Staff Writer

Muskan is an undergraduate student pursuing a  Bachelor's in Technology. With a zealous spirit for writing, she finds herself open to the vast realm of learning. She is an avid programmer with a keen interest in blockchain technology. What fascinates her about crypto is the investment opportunities provided by the industry which has hooked the entire world virtually. She is a voracious reader and very passionate about music.

Staff Writer

Peter has a Master’s in Economics. He got acquainted with cryptocurrency in 2017 and since then, it has never left his heart. The new perspectives, enduring freedom, and the large amount of information in the crypto world continue to keep up his interest. Humor, theater, guitar and tones of love from his family protected him from any stress, including from negative situations in the cryptomarket.

Staff Writer

Manuel is an oddball with a degree in biochemistry. He’s been a part of the crypto ecosystem since 2016 and has worked closely with a few blockchain projects, helping in the areas of content development and community management. He’s a fan of decentralized technologies and governance but has never purchased any crypto -- panic-sensor too sensitive. He holds a few cryptos though and hopes to buy an island someday with them.

Tech Team

Ram N
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Mohit Sharma
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