Organizing a music festival in this era of COVID-19 poses a monumental challenge even for the most experienced event organizer but Wacken World Wide is taking up the challenge by going digital-only this year.

The History of Wacken Open Air

Today, most metal fans around the world will know about Wacken Open Air. It has become one of the world’s leading heavy metal festivals, attracting visitors from all over the world. Now, its free 3-day virtual metal concert seeks to adds another chapter to the storied history of this popular music festival. 

Wacken is, for the most part, a very calm and peaceful town. Once a year, during the first weekend of August, local residents are joined by 80.000 metal fans enjoying their favorite music for three days straight.

It is very different from the first edition in 1990, when two metal musicians organized this festival. By using the village’s gravel pit, it became possible to organize major events. Security at the event was handled by a local motorcycle club, as 800 fans flocked to the first iteration of Wacken Open Air.

Fast forward to today, and Wacken Open Air spans 9 festival stages. Numerous metal bands have performed on its stages, including Alice Cooper, Deep Purple, Rammstein, Iron Maiden, and Motörhead, to name a few. Come good weather or high water, the festival’s attendees aren’t bothered by weather conditions in the slightest. That will, of course, not be much of a concern during this year’s virtual event, dubbed Wacken World Wide.

A Growing List of Virtual Music Events

The past few months have yielded a growing list of music events going the virtual route. Notable previous events include All in WA – featuring Pearl Jam, Macklemore, and others – as well as Electric Blockaloo, Zac Brown Band, and Liam Payne’s The LP Show. Later this year, there will be a global live stream concert by Monsta X, Steel panther, and the Monterey Jazz Festival, among others. 

Looking at that list, having Wacken World Wide on board is a welcome addition. Music fans from all over the world will be able to “attend” events they were looking forward to, or even discover entirely new bands from the comfort of their own home

Wacken Open Air and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Rather than skipping this year’s edition, a virtual version will be provided free of charge. It will span three days, and welcome performances from Beyond the Black, Blind Guardian, Hämatom, and many others.

With the help of crypto gaming pioneers Bitcasino, the Wacken World Wide digital music festival is now beamed to millions of fans across the globe. Bringing this event to the entire world will help lift the spirits of those finding themselves coping with current lockdown measures. 

As Wacken goes virtual for the first time, it embraces the increasingly innovative, creative, and flexible approach to delivering entertainment. For Bitcasino, this is another feather in the cap, after successfully sponsoring the virtual COVID-19 relief charity festival D3. 

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