Crypto trading aggregator continues to improve on its unprecedented automated crypto trading bot, Gunbot.

After redefining crypto trading, Gunbot is now about to onboard 130 crypto exchanger markets, and integrate loads of multiple features as it aims to improve on its position as the favorite among cryptocurrency traders interested in leveraging unique and powerful trading techniques. 

The London-based platform today boasts over 10,000 users after only 3 years of operations. Gunbot has wowed traders with its sophisticated yet intuitive automated crypto trading architecture, winning acclaim the world over. Its active 3,000-member Telegram group is testament to this, and now, it is set to serve thousands more with its upcoming updates. 

Trade at more places with Gunbot

The Gunbot vibrant trading hub gives traders instant access to 15  unique strings of trading buy/sell strategies for both spot-trading and margin trading. Every technique is instantly usable, and can be combined or modified for a more personalized trading control.

Gunbot can be deployed alongside TradingView, a popular app for generating live quotes, stock charts and expert trading ideas. This means users can streamline their operations via the buy and sell alerts based on each trader’s charting scripts, indicators or strategies, placing them in complete control of how their TradingView Alerts are generated.

Furthermore, Gunbot is posed to expand on integrating other services and features, including services frequently requested by users. Current services allow users to trade on leading crypto exchanger market such as Bitmex, Poloniex, Bittrex,, Binance, Coinbase Pro (GDAX), Kraken, Bitfinex, Kucoin, Huobi, among others. Users leveraging Gunbot will gain access to much more wider exchanger market as the platform works to onboard 130 exchanger markets onto its vibrant and diverse market hub

The benefits of trading with Gunbot

Gunbot is resilient, with an automated interface made to calculate and execute 24/7 profitable trade based on users preferences and setting modifications. The seamless execution of trades can take place on single or multiple exchanger markets, all at the same time. This unique interface enables traders to efficiently keep track of any market movement and trading opportunity, while giving them the ability to trade a large number of coin-pairs on several exchanges simultaneously.

Users that trade manually can never gather and decide on such vast amounts of data as quickly or as error-free as Gunbot. But for Gunbot, this is a normal every-minute operation.

Revolutionary Token-Based Software Licensing

Gunbot has a lot of unique trading features, and this alone is a differentiator compared to all other trading bots on the market. While it remains unique in design, the Development Team is now integrating a token-based licensing system that will give token owners the ability to instantly become Gunbot License owners just by holding Gunthy Tokens. This also adds monetary value for the user’s license due to mandatory holding for ownership.

How does Gunbot work?

Gunbot, as a trading bot, works based on the user’s configuration.

The trader has total control over what coin-pair to trade, on what exchange, and most important, the trader has a range of flexibility and options when it comes to selecting a Buy and Sell strategy.

Following a simple install procedure, Gunbot can be set up in minutes and automatic trading can now run 24/7 on behalf of the trader. Trading now monitors every specified market, and acts on every opportunity. Nothing escapes Gunbot’s attention.

Gunbot can be deployed on any personal computer,  laptop OR on any VPS (virtual private server). Its Support Team is always happy to assist new traders set-up Gunbot for the first time.

More information about Gunbot can be found by visiting

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