The advantages of blockchain technology have been well established across a wide array of real-world applications, but it remains a challenge to achieve full-scale adoption even with the plethora of blockchain initiatives out in the open market. seeks to address this adoption gap in its developer initiative program, ARK Grants.


1 Million ARK Pool Worth Over $155,000

ARK Grants, which is funded from the ARK Shield development fund, will replace the ‘Tier 0’ initiative to encourage its developer community to build projects native to the ARK ecosystem. The current grant stands at 1 million ARK, valued at over $155,000 at the time of writing. This financial incentive will spurn the development of a whole new wave of decentralized applications, tools, and utilities to bolster the ARK ecosystem, thereby having an impact on the adoption of blockchain.


As per a recent press release, the grant will cover initiatives related to ARK-based Proofs of Concept, Desktop Wallet plugins, and full production-ready applications.


Earlier Concepts Funded by ARK Grant

Proof of concepts have already been in development before now; an example is the secure ARK messenger developed by community member Lemii who has a good grasp of the functionality of both ARK blockchain and DPOS. It started out as a PoC and is now a fully autonomous and secure chat service already recording 250 total users with over 561 total messages – and the project was all funded by ARK Grant.


Earlier this year, introduced a Plugin Manager for the ARK Desktop Wallet which featured a new intuitive interface that allowed users to easily access plugins such as themes, tools, exchanges, games and more. And notably, this is another example of projects funded by ARK Grant.


Another useful application of the grant could be in the area of the development of production-ready solutions. Here, developers stand a chance to build-out full-fledge blockchains anchored on the ARK blockchain – as a sidechain, a bridgechain – thereby leveraging all the integrity of the ARK technology. One very useful concept here is the ARKTippr which is a Tip Bot developed by Ark community developer cryptology on the ARK blockchain. The tip bot can be used in social communities by users to reward good content.


The team is hopeful that other community members will lean on the successes of earlier community-based projects funded by the ARK Grant and further expand on their creativity to develop such useful technology for the ARK ecosystem.


For full disclosure, the ARK Grants program can only cater to technological development and will only attend to proposals that would consider stack deployment on the ARK blockchain.


How to Get in?

It’s quite simple: fill out the application form with name, experience and contact details – which are essential for proper documentation as well as determining if the project is viable to be considered for funding. The next steps involve submitting a proposal describing the project, its architecture such as frameworks, languages (Typescript is the preferred language, if applicable), and custom transaction types using ARK Logic.


A list of objective milestones will be required to showcase authentic deliverables over the course of the development. Ensure to get approval before commencing on development, especially if technological preferences deviate from those stipulated in the guidelines.


The final step for the application involves the assessment by the team to determine if the quality of the proposal merits the grant. After this, 70% of the grant will be distributed along the milestones mentioned, and the remaining 30% will be delivered upon the completion of the final milestone. A completed application form should be submitted to [email protected] in an email titled “ARK Grants Application”.


The full ARK Grant program guideline can be accessed here.


Other ARK Rewards Program

Other community participants and developers who are unable to go through the steps above, and still want to be contributors to the success of the ecosystem can still find similar incentives while doing so. Other areas include participating in ARK Bounty and Security vulnerability detection programs, contests and competitions that run through the communities of both developers and non-developers, and more. 


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“Disclaimer: this is a paid for, sponsored article. ARK is the source of this content and is responsible for the content, and the accuracy of the content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This article is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.”

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