Pavel Durov, best known for being the founder of the social networking site VK and Telegram Messenger, is looking inwards to search for answers to help him improve Telegram.

To those who know the CEO of the encrypted messenger service, this perhaps won’t come as a surprise as his clean living has been well documented elsewhere. According to Durov, he’s been caffeine, meat, drugs, alcohol and fast food liberated for the past 15 years.

The Russian tech entrepreneur in self-imposed exile now plans to forgo food altogether in order to get the answers he’s looking for to improve Telegram even further after Russian authorities demanded the keys to his users’ private data- which he is still holding.

HVMN CEO Geoffrey Woo maintains that’s not such a bad idea- of course, there will be a limit on how long Durov can go without nutrition. Woo says, “Ketones are a super-fuel for the brain…So a lot of the subjective benefits to fasting, including mental clarity, are down to the rise in ketones in the system.”

So, what does Durov have to say on his latest plan to get to grips with tech and come up with the next big thing?

“This month I’m trying something more radical, with consuming no food at all…”I’ve been on a water fast for the last six days and am feeling great so far. Since zero food consumption improves the clarity of thought, I also got many things done on the product management side.”

Durov claims that as a result of the liquid diet, he will come up with “new great ideas for Telegram” which will benefit his millions of followers.

Telegram is well known for its high-end encryption model as well as for being the go-to app for crypto-related community building. It was involved in a seed funding round where it raised USD 1.7 billion, notably one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns of 2018. Both Russia and Iran have adopted a punitive stance towards the messaging app over recent months

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