• India joins hands with an agritech firm to help local farmers sell to consumers directly, especially in these challenging times.

As per a report published by a local news outlet, the Indian government has partnered with a blockchain-based agritech firm Agri10x to eliminate the middlemen in the agricultural supply chain and help the farmers to directly sell their crops to the consumers.

This partnership will reportedly help the firm to gain direct access to 500,000 of the government’s Common Service Centres which have been established to deliver basic public utilities and services to the end consumers. This is expected to facilitate the village-level entrepreneurs to help the farmers in these areas to register on the platform and sell their produce directly.

This is a huge step to alleviate the financial burden of the farmers and help them realize the real value of their production.

Agri10x CEO Pankajj Ghode stated:

“The Indian farmers have been the unsung heroes of the Indian economy and we wanted to ensure that they get an easy access to a global marketplace to sell their produce directly, without any middlemen. Our aim is to ‘Connect Local Farmers with Global Buyers’ that would not only increase their income levels but will also massively boost employment in the agriculture industry.”

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