Popular online crypto casino EOSBet.io relaunched it’s updated website a few months ago, and we took a look at it this week to see what is now on offer. The site has been given a facelift with a simpler, more modern look keeping up with today’s biggest sites. EOSBet has also redesigned Baccarat in addition to the site and launched a new Dividends scheme which player can earn profits straight from the casino. Finally, EOSBet has also added support for Litecoin (LTC), and have a new game called Crash!

Getting Started

The setup process for EOSBet.io is quick, simple and efficient, basically everything you would want in a crypto betting site. After filling out the requisite username and password, you will be given your recovery key, a set of 20 words in a specific order, that can be used to recover the account should you lose or forget your login details.

Once all the security formalities are sorted, you can start adding currencies to your account. EOS.io Casino currently supports 3 cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, and of course EOS.

The Games

EOSBet is a site specializing in a small selection of games of chance. Currently toting a modest 3 titles: Dice, Crash, and Baccarat. All games have a 1.5% house edge, which ever so slightly tips the odds in favor of the site. This is pretty close to the standard house edge to be expected on crypto betting sites. EOSBet also has another addition on the horizon, as it plans to release its own version of the classic number guessing game HiLo.


EOSBet is certainly not known for its huge array of titles, (It now has four) so this new addition will almost certainly excite current player, and possibly some new people to the site.

New games of Crash run continuously, starting every 8 seconds. Each moment the counter ticks up and with each tick the chance of the game crashing increase until the game crashes. Players place bets on when they think the game will crash. The longer you stay in the higher the cashout reward. Players set an automatic target value before the game begins and can cash out early at any time by clicking the cashout button.

The house edge is set at 1.5%. ~1.5% of games will crash at 1.0. The probability of a game crashing at 2.0 is therefore slightly lower at 49.8%. The probability of 3.0 is 33%, 10.0 is 10% and so on.

The profit of a bet is the bet amount multiplied by the cash out value minus the bet. So a bet of 100 EOS with a cashout value of 2.0, would net a profit of 100 EOS. A bet of 100 EOS with a cashout value of 10.0 would net a profit of 1,000 EOS.

Be The House: Get Paid in BET Dividends

BET Tokens grant you dividends each second. All game profit is distributed to token holders, so the more BET you own, the more EOS and Bitcoin you receive as your share! Dividends are only paid to circulating BET, which includes tokens held by players, investors, and the team. There is a fixed supply of 88M tokens.

Crypto Millionaire Golden Ticket jackpot

The Crypto Millionaire Golden Ticket Jackpot is a rolling jackpot that is constantly accumulating and can be won at any time. To be eligible to win the jackpot, players must simply bet at least one EOS on one of the three games on the platform, then enter a Click the gold “Jackpot” box. 0.05 EOS will then be taken from their account in order to enter the jackpot. This is in addition to a player’s normal game wager. If the player spins a 7,777,777 you will receive the only “Golden Ticket” token. This token can be exchanged for the total jackpot amount. a one time  The jackpot can be won by the player who rolls all

Get More BET

EOSBet are currently airdropping BET tokens to its users. These tokens grant users dividends for life, and BET holders receive 100% of profits generated by EOSBet. For every 20 EOS  Players wager, they receive 1 BET token. And for every 1 BTC you wager, players will receive 80 BET tokens.

Deposits and Withdrawals

You can now directly send EOS and BTC to your EOSBet account by scanning the QR codes or copying the wallet info. There is no minimum deposit amount, but new players should take note of the 0.1 EOS Account Creation Fee. All new accounts cost 0.1 EOS, so expect this amount to be deducted from the initial EOS deposit. As for BTC deposits, expect about 10 minutes of network confirmation time before the amount reflects on your account balance.

You can withdraw your EOS and BTC coins easily, but both come with fees. For an EOS withdrawal, 0.001 EOS will be charged for every cash out you make as a means to regulate abuse. A BTC withdrawal, meanwhile, requires an estimated fee of 0.00024384 BTC for a transaction. The fee will depend on the current network conditions, so expect varying amounts.

There is a 0.1 EOS fee when you create your account. When you transfer in, your first 0.1 EOS is withheld.

Is It Fair?

EOSBet claims that all bets are placed through its smart contracts on the EOS blockchain, making it impossible for users to play an unfair game. Apart from the 1.5%  house advantage of course. Every bet you place with us is secured through our novel randomness generation technique. You may submit your own seed, or leave it blank. Your bet will receive a unique ID in a smart contract, which will be signed by our server with a predetermined private key.

This signature will then be passed back to the smart contract before being verified that the correct secret signing key was used. The contract will then derive a deterministic random number from the signature, which will be used to resolve your bet.

Legal Stuff

Similar to many online crypto betting sites, EOSBet.io is owned and operated by Aurora Tech N.V., a company registered and established under the laws of Curaçao. The site is open to global users, 18 years old or above with exception to Chinese or U.S residents. Sorry guys, This one’s off limits. All players must follow the laws in their jurisdiction, and BET tokens have no rights, uses, or attributes.

Final Thoughts

Although one of the more simplistic site designs and boasting only 4 (soon to be 5) game titles EOSBet has perhaps surprisingly managed to carve out quite a sizable following for itself. EOSBet have kept things simple, but done those simple things very well.

Ok, there a slim selection of titles, a 1.5% house edge and players from China and the US have been discluded, but EOSBet more than make up for these shortcomings in other areas. Developing simple but popular titles, offering provably fair algorithms, updated baccarat, progressive crypto support, (Litecoin, and we hear whispers of Ether support), and new dividends payouts, has helped tip the scales in their favor.

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