Popular cryptocurrency sportsbook Sportsbet.io has announced a new loyalty program in an effort to offer its users more variety and flexibility with their gaming rewards. ‘The Clubhouse’ program aims to take Sportsbet in an exciting new direction, away from the standard vanilla, deposit-based bonus offers favoured by the majority of the big names in the crypto betting space. 


A New Home at Sportset for the Gaming Community

The focus behind The Clubhouse loyalty program is all about the sports betting community, and bringing it together in a more holistic way. Sportsbet.io players will now have a much more in-depth seven-tier milestone system, that leads to an exclusive VIP club, with the ability to track their progress all the way. . 


Sportsbet (along with Bitcasino) are part of the Coingaming family, and have a strong mantra of cryptocurrency promotion and adoption. This is reflected in their reward programs, as players can easily withdraw their rewards in the form of various different cryptocurrencies. The program itself has been customized to offer unique rewards and options to each player based on their gameplay habits and specific preferences. 


The company ethos has always been to develop the company around the community, and this is still strongly believed to be the best way to become more successful and bring all loyal players together, and share the crypto prosperity. 


Listening to Players

Justin Le Brocque (Head of Sportsbook Marketing) stated that the new loyalty program was brought about largely by customer feedback. The company believes that it is time to look at the way player rewards work, and make them more aligned with what the everyday player wants. Justin believes that this fresh take on a tried and tested formula of player rewards will become the way of the future. 


He laid emphasis on the platform’s goal of revolutionizing the sport betting industry, saying:


“We hope that this move will show people that a fresh attitude towards player rewards that can modernize the industry standard.” 


Sportsbet’s sister crypto betting platform Bitcasino underwent a similar loyalty rewards program a while ago, which was met with a hugely positive response from the community, and praised by the industry. 


Capping off another productive month for Coingaming, Bitcasino also just announced a new partnership with mobile-first games developer. The new agreement will see a selection of engaging OneTouch renowned table games go live on the popular online casino later this year, including live dealer Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack. One-Touch is known for its popular slot and table games, innovative mobile-first designs, and intuitive single-touch interactivity. 


Now, Sportsbet.io look to apply their community-focused ideals to all of their platforms, and continue to promote cryptocurrency adoption in the sports and casino betting world.


This is only the latest activity that reflects Sportsbet and Coingaming’s philosophy of putting players and the community first, knowing full well that the long-term success of the brand lies in a strong and healthy user-base.


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